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    Dreamweaver CS5 not working with CS4 templates?


      I upgraded from CS4 to CS5 of Dreamweaver today and so I opened a template up in CS5 that I made for my site in CS4. So everytime that I make a new page from the CS4 template it will look good in the editing view and I can edit everything I'm supposed to like it should. But whenever I test the page in my browser or the Live View it won't use JavaScript or it won't show me AdBrite ads in the page and it messes up my CSS. I have no clue why its doing that because the new pages from this template in CS4 work fine but new pages in CS5 from the template wont show up correctly. Oh and every other page that I made in CS4 works very well in the CS5 but the new pages in CS5 just won't seem to preview well. Do you guys know of any solution for this or how I can solve this annoying problem?


      Any answers are greatly appreciated!!!

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          JulesN Level 2

          I think you need to report your bug.  There seem to be a few template issues with cs5.  If you scroll down the forum a bit to my template issue you will see what I mean.

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            Super Dave Level 1

            One thing to note if you attempt JulesN's solution of moving the DIV tag inside the editable region... since this move is to a "non-template" area.. on many pages of your site it will simply mean the removal of the DIV tag outside the editable region.  You will need to manually go into each page and add the DIV tag back into the editable region as Template updates do not modify the content of those regions.. I tried this today and had hundreds of pages instantly stop displaying correctly before I realized the logic behind it.. I was able to recover.  However if you are using nested DIV tags as containers.. they are all either one big editable region or you need to wait till Adobe fixes this and use CS4 as I'm being forced to.  I have submitted as a bug as well.