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    How about an evaluation extension until there's a quality release?

    redtopia Level 1

      Adobe: Are you seriously expecting me buy CFB with so many bugs? I can't wait to become a fan of CFB, and I'll happily pay the money to buy it. But I'm not going to be happy if I have to fork over $300 for a product that won't even let me edit longs lines of code, and adds extra quote marks whenever it feels like it. There are so many little editor bugs in the "final release" that it just seems wrong to pay for this software right now.


      Moreover, I participated in the pre-release beta program, and spent lots of hours dealing with installing/uninstalling/migrating/reporting bugs, yet there are no discounts given to the participants. Am I missing something? Why would I ever do that again? I could have kept using CF_Eclipse and worked around those bugs.


      ****... it's about time there's an IDE for ColdFusion. I can't wait to use one that actually works flawlessly. Can you say "Homesite?"


      What's going on Adobe? Can you see that the current CFB release is not a quality release? Please offer your users an extension to the CFB evaluation until you post a release that you can be proud of. I've already abandoned CF_Eclipse and migrated all my projects over to CFB... I don't want to undo that work, and I would love to own a quality IDE for CF. But I will definitely not be purchasing CFB until it's fixed.