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    Caching problem in DataServices




      There seems to be a odd thing in flash builder 4. I have a project, which uses a SOAP web service. I enter my URL for my webservice WSDL - the service is created in flash.


      This is nice, it's working.


      Now i change the wsdl on the server (more service) and i do a refesh in flash builder - the flash builder does not reflect the changes in the _current_ project - it seems to be caching the wsdl, some how. I have deleted the service, and recreated it again in flash builder - but this give the same result.


      If i create a new project - and create a new webservice in this new project - and uses the same URL for the webservice - no problem - this new service reflects the new wsdl


      I tried to refresh it again in the old project - but this still gives the "old" wsdl - tried to search and delete wsdl reference in the workspace....


      Is there a caching feature.... ?