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    what effects cdr size?




      what effects cdr size? Is it the cast members? Sprites? Codes? Publish setting? What else?



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I guess you mean 'dcr'


          All of what you mention - 'sprites' being score data. The biggest is cast members - there's not much you can do about anything else anyway, though the Publish Settings dictate compression so has a definite effect.

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            sami90210 Level 1



            Sorry .may wanna change it in order to allow others to reach this information easily.


            some questions come to my mind


            1.in flash “cast members” are symbols in the library , and sprites are instances. In a flash movie if a symbol is not used in the stage it will not be included in the published swf. How thing going for director?


            2.And in director 11.5 there is no audio compression settings. Since im using 11.5 I cant really see what is the impact of those settings on the published dcr. Any input will be helpful.


            3.Member size vs cast size. If I select a cast member I see in the properties inspector a size that represent the actual size of the file, and than in the cast tab I see another size. What this size is actually representing?