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    Getting kumihan tables to work in Japanese documents

    Tami Settergren Level 1

      I'm a little unclear about how to get kumihan tables to work (specifically, the <NoLineBeginChar> statement).


      I'm working in English Windows with the language set to Japanese. When I save a Japanese manual as a MIF, then open the MIF in Notepad as a UTF-8 file, the KumihanCatalog section is there and all the Japanese characters are correct. (If I open as ANSI, the Japanese characters are garbled.) But the <NoLineBeginChar> statements obviously don't work because the manual in Frame shows lines that begin with the illegal characters. I tried saving the text MIF file as UTF-8 and opening in Frame. The document looks fine, but the <NoLineBeginChar> statements still don't work.


      The files were produced at a translation agency...I suppose they used a Japanese OS, which is why the kumihan tables are there.


      So, do I also need to use a Japanese OS to get the kumihan tables to work, not just an English system with the language set to Japanese?