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    Answers to your Flex questions - Please Read

    Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

      There are a number of unanswered Flex questions on this forum. Please post your questions to the Flex forum here: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flex/flex_general_discussion.


      There has been a little confusion since the introduction of the new Flash Builder forums. Here's some tips for choosing the right one:


      • Use the Flex forum if...
        • you have a question about a new Flex-based project before you get started
        • you have a question about code you've already written
        • you have a question about behavior of your code at runtime
        • you have compiler errors
        • you have questions about writing FlexUnit tests
        • you have questions about using states
      • Use the Flash Builder forum if...
        • you're using Design view
        • you have problems using code-related tools (code hints, refactoring, import/export)
        • you have problems using the editors (slow typing, bad generated code, runtime errors from Flash Builder)
        • you have problems with installation and licensing
        • you have questions about connecting to Data services
        • you have problems running, debugging or profiling
        • you have issues with the Adobe Community Help Client
        • you have issues with project settings (SDK version, player version, HTML wrapper)
        • you have Eclipse questions
        • you're using Snow Leopard http://blogs.adobe.com/jasonsj/2010/03/flash_builder_4_snow_leopard_and_the_64-bit_problem .html


      These are just general guidelines to help you get the answers you need from the people that have the answers. A little bit of help in organizing questions saves us some time as well. Thanks!


      Jason San Jose

      Software Engineer, Flash Builder