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    Option Key Always Down on New MacBook Pro (Mid 2010)

    Paul Rauschelbach Level 1

      I have a new i7 MacBook Pro 15" with 8GB of RAM. Illustrator seems to think that the option key is always held down. Shapes are always drawn from the center, and dragging objects with the pointer always copies them. This problem happens with AI CS4 and the AI CS5 Trial. I do not have this problem in Photoshop or any other CS applications that I have tried (ID, Flash). I have tried throwing away the com.adobe.illustrator.plist and the Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings folder.


      The Keyboard Viewer (System Preferences->Language & Text->Input Sources->Keyboard & Character Viewer->Input menu->Show Keyboard Viewer) does not show that the option key is held down.


      I am using an external USB extended keyboard (Apple aluminum keyboard). It also happens with the built-in keyboard of the laptop.


      Is anyone else with this model having this issue?