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    CS5 Symbol Sprayer Tool performance

    João Faraco Level 1

      I'm having some serious performance issues with the Symbol Sprayer Tool in Illustrator CS5. I spray out some simple squares, and when the number of objects reaches around 40 or 50, the tool becomes heavier and heavier to process. The adjacent tools (symbol shifter, scruncher, sizer ...) also work slow, while in previous versions of Ai, the sprayer has a much smoother performace.


      Anyone else getting this ?


      I'm running on a 2,4GHz Intel MacBook with 4GB RAM.

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          Skullmaker Level 3

          Thank you for your posting!


          I am trying to find out if it is a god idea to buy CS5, but a lot of bugs are coming up on this version that I think is a bad version.


          As we know, the last update Adobe released was over 4 years ago, I do not think Adobe cares to fix anything. I am hoping that Adobe will prove me wrong and cares enough to produce a patch or update (Adobe did not fix any of CS3 bugs nor CS4 bugs).


          Please keep posting all the bugs you find. Thank you!

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Now this I would definitely label a performance bug.


            Why this was not address and I am certain something like this was noticed, is beyond me.


            This does have to be addressed even if you can work with it makes for a bad work experience. It won't prevent you from doing your job
            but it will definitely take the spontaneity  out of the work.


            You see hans we actually agree on something.


            This is a step backward.


            This was a problem in either CS 2 or 3 but was fixed in CS 4 now it is back or perhaps it was addressed in one of the CS 3 updates.

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              Skullmaker Level 3



              I really wish to be wrong and Adobe will actually care enough to provide an update. But the record shows that Adobe does not care, just takes your money.


              I used to buy every version, but after CS3 fiasco, I noticed that the company changed. I said before that I like the software, but the company does not have ethics.


              If Adobe fixes its faulty softwares, I will not have any problem buying its versions again.


              But if we continue to buy its half done versions, Adobe will never care about us, the people paying for its faulty software. Right now Adobe only cares about its investors. If we do not change the status quote (meaning: stop buying versions), CS6 will be worst.


              I like some features of the new CS5, and I will love to buy it. However, I cannot jeopardize my professional work with a company that shows is less than professional and lack of business ethics (Like the no reliable color system that can cause me a lot of money in one project).


              And like I told you before, If Adobe fixes the bugs in CS5 I will buy the version. Thank you for your post Wade!

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                João Faraco Level 1

                I also love some of the new features in CS5, but the sprayer tool is something I use very often. I find it pointless to have to switch back to CS4 just to do spray work, and accept the fact that Adobe didn't check this issue before shipping Ai CS5 final.


                I've searched around the web and found no one else complaining about this issue, so I suspect it could be only me, although I've tested this in two different computers. If not, Adobe must release some kind of patch to fix this ..

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                  Hans maybe yu really don't see it or appreciate the impression and effect you often have on the forum.


                  If there is a real issue that you point out that as a bug that would be cool. But if you through in a lot of stuff that you think might be passed off as a bug
                  or side on the side of someone say who has vested interest in seeing FH features incorporated into Illustrator and call things that are not bugs bugs then you might not seem so convincing as for your cause.


                  Also if you interrupt a thread were the user really simply does not know how to make something work in AI that might frustrate the user seeking help.


                  Kind of unfair.


                  Finally you might want to keep in mind that this a user to user forum and not intended to be an interaction between the Adobe staff and you the user.


                  There fore making a big noise could be a serious waste of time and it will not get you anywhere here as this is not the place to try to convince adobe.


                  Nowhere is a case where here where it appears there is a serious issue and we should address that issue but not cloud it with your ow agenda.

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                    Skullmaker Level 3



                    This is a forum to share information and ideas about the products. At the end I am helping users to pay attention to the lack of Adobe's business ethics. This is a small list of bugs found so far just after a few days after CS5 released. Can you guess how many more bugs are we going to find during the next year?


                    CS5 Bugs:

                    Table Pen pressure Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/632311?tstart=0

                    CS Live Tool Bar Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/628945?tstart=60

                    Saving Files in to a network Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/632632?tstart=0

                    Exporting to Photoshop Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629182?tstart=60 and http://forums.adobe.com/thread/629182?tstart=90

                    Selection Path Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/632840?tstart=0

                    Font Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/631831?tstart=0

                    No 64-bit: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/631431?tstart=60 (this is inexcusable)

                    Cut and Paste Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/630169?tstart=90

                    Installer Bug: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2783375#2783375 (Can you believe this! The Installer!)

                    And this one "Symbol Sprayer Tool Bug"


                    And these are the first weeks! We know that Adobe have not provided an update for OVER 4 YEARS!


                    Adobe DOES NOT CARE to fix anything.


                    What is the point of buying an upgrade when the new version is worse than the previous?


                    You are the one interrupting us by giving excuses for Adobe's Faulty software. I just typing the facts, you are the one giving excuses on behalf of Adobe.


                    So go ahead and give us one excuse for each FACT. These are actual bugs and we know for a FACT that Adobe does not provide updates.


                    Can you tell me if the Icon Preview Bug is fixed? If you do not answer yes I will take as Heck No! Adobe does not fix anything!

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                      You think you are helping al you are doing is nothing but perhaps be annoying at the wrong time.


                      There are other people on the forum who have been on a campaign for over a decade abut the superiority of Freehand even thugh at one time they never used Illustrator, although some did at the time as well.


                      They interrupted every other thread they thought that the few users that enter this forum would all switch to Freehand or they just wanted to be harassing. They were annoying and still are and they still think that people are going to switched and have not noticed that the only users that have switched were FH users to Illustrator.


                      Illustrator work very well including CS 5 but of course that depends on the user and their perception and the issue with bugs goes back since day one.


                      A lot of people here claim the AI v10 was one of the best releases I had very few problems with it Scott Weichert had many issues according to him and was on the boards with even more frequency than you claiming the only problem with almost any solution offered someone that the program would crash if you did what was suggested. But it only crashed for him and one or two other guys.


                      And to this day you cannot convince him it was his configuration and not AI v10.


                      No one says you can't or should not speak your mind but why does it have to interfere with someone's effort to seek assistance?


                      On this thread it is appropriate on another thread, like when someone wants to know how to add a drop shadow, is it necessary or of any value? Will it accomplish anything? Is it allowing someone from freely exchanging views if you shout them down.


                      Yes you have rights to freely express your views but don't I as well, without some shouting to the point that even a simple attempt to help someone gets lost!


                      I am here so I might assist someone and in the process learn some valuable things from both figuring out a technique and from making mistakes that someone else might correct


                      You are not even willing to admit when you make gross mistakes that are you are in error. How does this help.


                      If someone disagrees with you you call then a lier, as you spell it.


                      You post threads about things being bugs even if the user ultimately found out it was not a bug but user error or a conflict with some flakey plug in.


                      I wonder if you really think this is going to be effective in anyway. Yu can keep your rant in one thread and keep bumping it up to the top why interuprt other threads not related to your issues with Adobe?


                      BTW some of your techniques you post are a little out of date and way too complicated and unnecessary.

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                        Skullmaker Level 3



                        Why you keep bringing Freehand? I am only talking about Illustrator CS5 Bugs (As we know a software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways.) A bug is a bug! No different prospective or point of view, A bug is a bug!


                        And why you have not provided an answer of each bug reported? Why just excuses on behalf of Adobe?


                        And Thank you for confirming that the Icon Preview Bug is alive and well in CS5 too. It make me wonder how many bugs were not fix in CS5.


                        If the facts are annoying to you, stop reading what other people are saying. I just putting together the bugs reported by other users. The problems is not with me, the problem is Adobe's faulty software and lack of caring.

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                          Markus bei Plutonika Level 1

                          Hi there,


                          I know I’m kinda late to the game, but we just upgraded recently and (among issues with other Apps in the suite) bumped into the exact same problem, except that it already starts slowing down after 20 or so instances. I remember this tool to have such an opulent output it felt hard to control at times – and now this! It is nearly impossible for me to achieve what this tool is intended for with a placement rate of max. 2 symbols per second.


                          This needs to addressed!




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                            I'm having the same slowness when using the Symbol Sprayer too, very frustrating.


                            Illustrator CS5, 64 bit, Win 7, 6GB Ram, Quad-core CPU - Sprayer tool works perfectly in CS4 but not in CS5

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                              Markus bei Plutonika Level 1



                              I filed this issue with the German support desk.


                              After the usual get-off-my-a**-routine (as in „Is your computer turned on?“, „Hmm, must be an outdated graphics card driver.“ etc.) the guy finally gave me the f******* break I was aching for by then and finally tried it for himself – apparently very confident I’m just another one of those pesky Mac users who should get a decent Windows machine (and a life) and basically bugger off.


                              Sadly for him, he experienced the same problem on his carefree super-duper-machine.


                              Sadly for us, it probably won’t get fixed regardless ...

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                                having the same issue. the spray tool is absolutely not usable in CS5. the same document spraying the same symbols in CS4 makes no problems even with 10x more symbols sprayed.


                                now im stuck deciding whether to do the spray effect in the post production in photoshop or downgrading the whole thing to CS4.


                                this issue being not adressed with updates is unbearable.

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                                  Markus bei Plutonika Level 1

                                  Hi nomisum,


                                  have you filed this with the support desk? I figure the more people complain, the better the chances for a fix. But maybe I’m just being naive …



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                                    ja3754 Level 2

                                    I am also experiencing a major difference in performance of the Symbol Sprayer tools between CS4 and CS5.


                                    I created a new file in CS5 and used one of the default symbols. Like others in this thread have reported, it quickly slows to a laggy crawl. I reopened the file in CS4 and the performance was quick and smooth.


                                    I'm filing a bug report and suggest that everyone with this problem does the same.





                                    [Mac OS 10.6.2, 4GB RAM, 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, NVIDIA GeForce 9400. Illustrator CS5 15.0.2, Illustrator CS4 14.0.0]

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                                      nomisum Level 1

                                      you're right markus, i'll report it.

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                                        Markus bei Plutonika Level 1

                                        Yeah, maybe this is regaining momentum right now …

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                                          CupertinoFruit Level 3

                                          Some of the bugs you've mentioned here were actually fixed in the dot releases (15.0.1, 15.0.2), so it's NOT correct to say that Adobe does not care to fix anything.

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                                            Markus bei Plutonika Level 1

                                            Dear CupertinoFruit,


                                            which of the aforementioned bugs would that be? I’m on 15.0.2 and my spray can still drops to spitting two instances per second shortly after a quite promising start.


                                            Thanks for sharing