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    flex 4 FocusManager childHideHandler misunderstanding



      I'm developing flex 4 application. On application complete I set a focus on tree component. But at the end focus left from tree. During debug I found out that main application has subscribed to FlexEvent.HIDE througn it's focus manager (FocusManager.as (line 159)):


      container.addEventListener(FlexEvent.HIDE, childHideHandler, true);


      And during any hide event dispatched from any child childHideHandler is called.

      Here is it' code:


      private function childHideHandler(event:Event):void
              var target:DisplayObject = DisplayObject(event.target);
              // trace("FocusManager focusInHandler in  = " + this._form.systemManager.loaderInfo.url);
              // trace("FM " + this + " focusInHandler " + target);


              if (lastFocus && !isEnabledAndVisible(DisplayObject(lastFocus)))
                  DisplayObject(form).stage.focus = null;
                  lastFocus = null;


      As you can see it resets lastFocus to null if it or it's parents are invisible or disabled. I can't undestand why you hide focus during any hide event dispatched from component which is not related to focused component?