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    Searching XML element attribute

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      Hello all,


      I am in midst of my script wherein I am searching/selecting all the textframes on each page one by one and getting the GB of them+inserting some conditional text.


      All is well until I try to find the value of "id" attribute of element (top, which is <table id="table1"> or figure) CONTAINED BY THESE FRAMES. Basically they are the floats textframes. I am trying the following:



      for (var t=0;t<=totalTextFrames-1;t++)


      var Text_FRAME = myDoc.pages[i].textFrames[t];

      var bottom_Bound_float = Text_FRAME.geometricBounds[2];

      var right_Bound_float = Text_FRAME.geometricBounds[3];







      Is there a way to iterate the xml elements of seleced textframe instead of whole document?


      I try to do something like this but script throws an error:


      var myRuleSet = new Array(new id_value);
         var elements = xmlElements;
         __processRuleSet(elements.item(0), myRuleSet);




      function id_value(){
      this.name = "id_value";
      this.xpath = "/table";
      this.apply = function(myElement, myRuleProcessor){
      //var idvalue=myElement.xmlElements.item (0).xmlAttributes("id").value;
      var idvalue=myElement.xmlElements.item (0).value;

      alert("Id value is "+idvalue);

      return true;


      Anysuggestions will be high