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    Help: Copy text from PDF to AI or MS Word




      I'm new to this boards so, if topics like this were brought up I'm sorry and be glad, if someone can redirect me to it.

      I've also searched for solution throu google and did not find anything that would fix this so I came here as my last option


      I have recived a PDF document from a company about pad printing. I'd like to copy some text from this PDF to Illustrator/Word so I could edit some things. I could retype all but document has over 55 pages and I'm leaning thowards easyer solutions than retyping everything.


      The issue I have is when I try to copy text from this document: http://rapidshare.com/files/384536794/one_page.pdf.html

      all I get is some encrypted symbols...


      If any1 could direct me to some guide or post solution how I could get text from this document to AI/MS Word I'd appreachiate it.


      TY in Advance.






      Sorry for my bad english.