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    Design View is un-usable

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      I am using the new Flashbuilder 4 on a Macbook Pro running Parallels for using Windows XPpro. I installed the trial version of Flashbuilder 4 and when I go to the "Design View" my display is whitted out. By this I mean the entire display is white with no icons, no canvas, no toolbars showing. If I roll my cursor over some of the icons they will appear, however, this is not true for all the icons and menus. If I use "Source View" then the application seems to run fine. While I had a thread discussion at Flashbuilder 4  brings machine to screeching HALT! I opened this discussion as it addresses a completely new item as I realized the topic and initial details related to problems/solutions which I "thought" were right, but not. This topic addresses a more true series of events surrounding my problem.


      thank you


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          I installed Flash Builder 4 on another computer running Windows 7 and it works fine.

          The installation which has problems running is on a Windows XPpro computer.


          Has anyone else had problems running Flash Builder 4 on a Windows XP operating system?




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            I was reading some Forum posts at http://forums.adobe.com/thread/604122 and found these entries:

            Peter deHaan (Adobe) said in a forum topic about "Flash Builder 4 Extremely Slow under Windows 7 + Java" ...http://forums.adobe.com/people/Peter%20deHaan%20(Adobe)

            No, I would not consider that big. But if code hinting is slow also,  that may be more of an OS/Builder thing and not really a Flex SDK issue.  I have a Windows 7 and Windows XP laptop at work and run Windows 7  Ultimate at home and havent seen any performance problems (although I'm  not sure which are running 32 bit vs 64 bit OSes actually).


            while Jason San Jose said this about the JVM ...

            Are you using a 64-bit JVM? It  sounds like you're running Flash Builder Plug-in, so try this:


            1) Close  Eclipse

            2) Open the eclipse.ini file where your eclipse.exe is  located

            3) Add a new line after "-vmargs" and on that line type  "-d32"

            4) Restart Eclipse


            A 32-bit JRE is required http://www.adobe.com/products/flex/systemreqs/.  "-d32" will force your JVM into a 32-bit mode.


            You're  likely seeing Design view crash because Flash Player support for 64-bit http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/000/6b3af6c9.html.


            Alternatively,  you can install a 32-bit JVM and assign that to JAVA_HOME.


            Would either of these recommendations be a solution to my "Design View" rendering problem?