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    PrE 8 used assets not checked in Task Pane

    slingingsteve Level 1

      I recently upgraded to PrE 8 after using PrE 3 for years. My first project in 8 is quite involved with a lot of sound drops and still photos.Since I'm trying to learn and apply a lot of new features, I've brought into the project a lot of assets I ended up not using. Now the project is complete and I want to clean up my assets (ie, remove the ones I didn't use) before I archive the project ... but for some reason the check marks in the "USED" column in the Task Pane aren't there so I can't easily confirm which assets were/were not used. I do incremental saves with different file names as I build the project and it looks like the "USED" column may only be checked for new assets brought in initially under each file name.


      Does anybody know an easy fix for this, or something I should check? Otherwise I love this version (after the update for the NVIDIA display problem).



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          nealeh Level 5

          If you use the Project Archiver you can elect to copy only used assets.




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            slingingsteve Level 1

            Thanks for the info. That addresses my concern about archiving. However, there's still the issue/question regarding why

            I'm not seeing a checkmark under "Used" for my assets. Any ideas? What determines whether or not there's a check in that column?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I have not encountered the Used Column not displaying correctly. The only instance that I can recall reading of was when a user had duplicate, or very similar Asset names, and found that they did have the checkmark, but that they were looking at other Assets and the names were so similar, that it appeared that used Assets were, in fact, not used.


              PrPro has one neat feature, Delete Unused, that will rid the Project Panel of any Imported Assets, that are not used. I was thinking that PrE had that too, but could not find it in PrE 4. Do not know about PrE 7, or PrE 8.


              Good luck,




              PS if you are getting some checkmarks, I would assume that this would preclude a graphics issue


              PPS are the unmarked Assets showing as Off-Line?