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    Change window size when clicking link?

    T Hinds
      I recently converted a WinHelp project in RH5 that used secondary windows and I'm trying to stick with one window in HTMLHelp (and still learning a bit).

      In some parts of our app, pressing F1 opens a small window (not a popup) with a short description of a feature. There's a link at the bottom of the topic that will open a longer overview description. When clicking the link, I'd like to use the same window, but resize (make it wider) it to accomodate the bigger topic. In other words, I want the window to be narrow initially (so I don't cover the app) but change size when the link is clicked, so I can show the longer text without scrolling multiple pages.

      Do you folks do anything like this?

      Thanks in advance for any help,
      - Tom