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    RoboHelp 7 generates two breadcrumbs

    Ioana_S Level 1

      I'm using RH 7.03.001 and recently one of our projects "developed" a second line of breadcrumbs. There are several people working on the project, so I don't know what or whose action might have caused this. The process involves a lot of downloading and reuploading, but I don't think that should have any impact on my problem. (The full process is: download source from server, edit and build locally, upload build and source back to the server.)


      What happened is that each topic in that project now has one or several scripts at the beginning and the end of the page (marked by red squares in the Design View). The script at the top generates a breadcrumb, and when we build the project (with "Add Breadcrumb Links" selected) we get the second one. Simply deleting the scripts solves the problem, but the project has 500+ files so that's not feasible. (Too much work to do it manually, and the Search and Replace feature can't handle such long strings.)


      I've found a few possible solutions on this forum, but so far nothing worked.

      * I've deleted the .js files in the project and from the hard drive, no change.


      * Another solution is mentioned here ("One of the Breadcrumb trails is being created by virtue of a Placeholder associated with a Master Page while the other is a global setting during generation. You might wish to try editing the Master Page, then removing and re-inserting the Placeholder."), but I haven't figured out exactly what that means. As far as I understand, master pages were introduced in RH8 and they are called templates in RH7, but I don't know where to look for them and what to look for.


      * I also found "Are you absolutely sure you imported source files into the project rather than output files? The clue will be a red square near the beginning of the topics." here, but I'm told no one imported files in RH recently (unless I'm misunderstanding the question...)


      In the worst situation, we will retrieve an older version of the project, but I'd like to at least know what's causing this to avoid it in the future.


      Any help is appreciated. By the way, I've only started working in RH a few months ago, so my knowledge is not very advanced.