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    ftp problems


      having looked on the forums and checking for solutions i still cannot convert my file to ftp. I keep getting the same message, cannot get remote folder information, file may not exist, there may be a permission problem.

      I desperately need some help on this, being a complete novice and trying to do this without actual knowledge of building websites, i was a bit annoyed when after all the work i hve done i can't just click a few buttons and away we go.

      Thanks in anticipation of all the emails with probably simple solution to this problem


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          martcol Level 4

          Would it be worth you working your way throught this straight-forward tutorial?





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            j_1971son Level 1

            Did what you said and now it does not like my login or password, i have checked the email with these details all seem to be the same, have you got any more bright ideas?


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              hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi Jason,

              did you ask your host/provider whether your password and your username are correct?


              You could try connecting to your FTP not with DW features, but with a different software. I am using filezilla with great success and it looks for me easier in daily struggle, here is the link to get it and to get to know it:


              And here I'll quote a Nancy hint:
              Try toggling Passive and/or Secure FTP on/off.

              Your web host might have changed upload requirements to improve security.
              Another thing to check is your Anti-virus and Firewall settings. If they are too restrictive, DW may not have permission to connect to the remote server.



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                martcol Level 4

                One of the hosts I use has introduced a new security feature where they require users to log in online and lock/unlock FTP access,  They reccommend that you lock a site when not using it and provide an option to unlock to a time period or to a specific IP address.  No matter what I do, Dreamweaver seems to not recognise my login details every time I start up.  I have to log-in online, lock and unlock FTP and then DW has no trouble with a sync.  It's irritating.