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    Workflow Designer 7.2 just stopped working right

    Han Dao Level 1

      Hello All,


      I still have some old workflows that are currently in migrating to ES version. The workflow designer was working fine last week but suddenly stopped working which I am unable to launch it. It gave me some java errors and never be able to launch the workflow designer so I decided to uninstall it and reinstalled it, the error is no longer but I got a different error: "Login failed, or you do not have permissions to login to this application". I even uninstalled the websphere and re-install it then workflow but still not fix the problem. I am not sure what is happening here when I am an administrator of this PC. So I go to the other PC that have the same version of workflow designer and am able to log in and launching the workflow designer without any error. Does any one have this problem before or if you know how to fix, please share.



      Han Dao