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    Recording popup windows

      Hello all,

      I am recording an introduction lesson for an online training center. When the user logs in he/she will see the courses they are signed up for and when they click a topic I open a new window where the lesson material starts.
      When recording with Captivate 2 it shows the second window opening and states that the content of page www.blabla.com/xxxxxx appears but does not show the content.
      I have been "playing" with the recording options but can still not make everything appear. Initially I had it set to record a certain application, IE 7, and thought that the next window that opens therefore was not captured. So I set it to a region of the screenbut no luck there either.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks inadvance
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          jojolina Level 1
          Hi There Trailanderror

          You might try to use the "print screen" option at the point where that second window opens to manually place a snapshot into the recording process. That should work.

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            Petermk41 Level 1
            One of the things I guess I have to keep in mind is that Captivate is not a screen recorder but it takes snapshots when things change. Correct?
            I am just surprised that when recording the whole the whole desktop or a region of the screen that it does not show it, as mentioned before it does state window showing contents of web page.

            Any change in that in Captivate 3?

            thanks for your reply

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              In the demo the other day, they stated that Cap3 can also record true video. have not yet verified, but i have used http://jingproject.com/ (free at the moment) to do a screen(or video) capture to swf and imported that animation or take screen shots of it.
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                I have found over the years of using captivate that it records the active window. When a pop-up appears, it is not necessarily the active window. If , when a pop-up appears (such as an active calendar window to select a date to populate a field), click on that window's title bar before performing any new actions. That will make the pop-up window the active window. This has worked for me over the years. Good Luck

                Rick (ricblegg)
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                  Petermk41 Level 1
                  thank you Rick I will use the trick