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    Does nobody know?

    AllyPugh Level 1

      I posted this query




      I have had no response as yet. Surely somebody knows?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's never a reason to assign a variable to a textfield and it should be avoided.


          that said, cs4 has a variable field in the properties panel just like previous versions of flash (when using as2).

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            AllyPugh Level 1

            Thanks for the response!


            I'm following this one frame Preloader tutorial http://www.flzone.com/go?7935


            Its asks me to name the variable.


            I think it may be my copy of Flash, I have no option in the properties inspector to label a 'Var'.


            Is there a way to label it in the AS?


            Or do you know another full proof simple preloader tutorial? I want the whole swf. to load before launching the content for the viewer you see. I've tried a load of tutorials and none are working withought using 10-15 frames at the beginning of the timeline. I only have 1 frame to put it in

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you can use anybody's tutorial but i'd be suspicious of any that used a textfield variable.  that person is very flash-savvy.


              instead of using a textfield variable, assign your textfield an instance name use use its text property instead of the associated variable.  ie, everyplace you see:


              tfVar  // where tfVar is the textfield's variable




              tf.text  // where tf is the textfield's instance name.