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    Upgrade from CFBuilder FAIL


      I have a Windows XP SP3 installation of the CFBuilder trial.


      My company bought a 3 volume license for FlashBuilder premium which includes CFBuilder.


      I tried to use the volume license key to register ColdFusion Builder it won't work (red x).


      I've uninstalled the Trial version, reinstalled as standalone ... FAIL. Reinstalled as a plugin to FlashBuilder ... FAIL.


      I've called ADOBE Support ... F-F-F-F-FAIL! I went through 4 different customer support reps. One "tech" didn't even know what ColdFusion Builder was and sent me over to "enterprise" (ColdFusion Server). (I really hate overseas support calls).


      Anyone have any suggestions?

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          UPDATE - (Sorry had to change my id)


          Check out this awesome customer support!


          I'm eager to see ColdFusion Builder 4.0!


          Thank you for contacting Adobe Customer


          We apologize for  the trouble that this issue has caused you.
          Unfortunately we cannot provide  support for Cold Fusion since it is out
          of our support. Below are the  following informations that I have
          gathered regarding our conversation a  while ago:

          Customer's Issue:
          >have been disconnected several  times.
          >had a trial version of cold fusion builder and bought 3  licenses.
          >tried to use to upgrade and does not accept the volume license  key.
          >uninstalled and reinstalled and it still doesn't  work.

          >Customer is asking for the download link for Cold  Fusion Builder 4.0.
          >To have an expert fix the problem about cold  fusion.

          >Since the Customer is enrolled in FLP, cannot  transfer to other tech
          contacts/ support.
          >Provided the number for  enterprise: 888-649-2990.

          I hope you find these informations valuable in  resolving the issue that
          we have discussed. If you have questions or requests  for help, please
          call us again at Customer Service and we'll be happy to  assist you.

          Thank You,
          Adobe Customer Service

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            krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

            This is Krishna from ColdFusion Builder team.

            Can I help you with the issue you have?

            Please send me a private mail with the serial number details to figure out whether you have received appropriate number or not.






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              Adam Cameron. Level 5

              This is atrocious.




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                scurnge82 Level 1

                I love how this is now marked as "Probably Answered".  It's most definitely not answered.


                I tried phone support again (I'm a masochist, what can I say.) I got customer support who sent me over to technical support. In technical support I got Gilpy who said that this is not a phone support product. I would have to submit for support over the "web". When I asked him how to issue a ticket for support over the web. He said I'd have to talk to customer service!


                When I pointed out that I originally started the call in customer support and they sent me to him, he insisted that this product was not available for phone support, there was nothing he could do.


                This kind of "throw it over the fence" service shouldn't happen in 2010! Doesn't a large corporation like Adobe know that excellent customer service is crucial in today's long-tail customer-centric marketplace?

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                  Adam Cameron. Level 5

                  I love how this is now marked as "Probably Answered".  It's most definitely not answered.

                  It says "possibly answered", which is slightly different.  And that's just an automatic function of the fact someone's replied to your post.  It's a stupid assumption for the forums software to infer, but then again this forum software is a load of rubbish, so it's not surprising.




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                    krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

                    Can you please send a mail to me with your contact details, so that I can forward to the appropriate person to resolve your issue?

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                      ange66 Level 1

                      Here's my direct email fandre@pimsol.com


                      Contact me there.

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                        scurnge82 Level 1

                        Finally I got a solution from an support specialist in America. Interestingly, there are two serial numbers! One for FlashBuilder and a different one for ColdFusion Builder. Yes, I have an issue with my managers who forgot to tell me that there were two different serial numbers. But this is something that the support specialist in New Jersey was able to tell right off.


                        What it tells me is that Adobe has some serious issues with customer support. Every one of the 5-6 support techs I reached on the phone could have answered this question, but it went beyond what was on the script. Gilpy, Alen or Cassandra or the other overseas Adobe personnel needed to think a bit about my issue, but instead they decided it wasn't their problem and that someone else should handle it.


                        Am I stupid for not realizing that the two discs in the package might have had two different serial numbers? Yes. But this is something that Adobe should be able to tell me right away. A properly trained person was able to do this right away.


                        Adobe is saving big money by shipping support overseas. But at what cost? Will I as a consumer ever feel comfortable interacting with Adobe again? NO WAY.