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    update imported swf




      It's possible to update imported swf ?


      I create a swf animation in flash, and imported in catalyst; in catalyst i resize, position etc.. the swf imported.

      If i change a swf animation i direct update it in catalyst , or i delete old swf and resize, position etc.. new swf ?




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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          It can be done, but it is not as straight forward as one would like. The issue is the swf is inside the fxp file, so there is no easy way to get at it from within Catalyst or the file system. This is how I handle it, your milage may vary...


          I locate the swf that I want to replace in my library panel. Select it, then rename it to something like "demo_old", this helps identify which asset you are dealing with later. I then import the updated swf into my project. On the artboard, select the instance of the swf that you are going to replace. With the swf select, locate the Properties panel.




          Click on the name of your swf (demo.swf in the screen shot). This will bring up the Select Asset dialog.


          Select Asset.png


          Select your replacement swf and you are good to go. If your project uses multiple copies of the swf, you will need to select and remap each one by hand.


          Once this project is transfered to Flash Builder, the swf file will be accessible again in the file system. So depending on where you are in the process, that also might be a solution. Just be mindful that once the project is transferred to Flash Builder you can not return it to Flash Catalyst.