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    Newbie - Is Flash Builder the right tool?


      Wow --- This is getting confusing.  Flex, Flash Builder, Adobe Air ... I'm not sure which tool I need.


      I think Flash Builder is what I need.  I've ordered CS5 Web Premium and should receive it next week.


      I'm looking for a comprehensive tool to interface between web forms and MySQL database.


      I used this until both were discontinued ...
      InterAKT which became Adobe® Dreamweaver® Developer Toolbox


      Specifically, I need to:

      • capture info via a web form
      • send HTML emails, autoresponders
      • write info to the database
      • manipulate the database through a web browser
      • display database content in tables in browser
      • do this securely


      I gotta believe this is a common challenge - but I just can't find the right tool.


      Thanks in advance.  A.