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    Breadcrumb issue with popups in RH8

    Flaven Level 1

      Here's the short story: I have some 2,500 auto-sizing popups located in a separate folder in my project. When I compile the project with breadcrumbs, the popups display the breadcrumb and truncate the last line of text in the popup. The inelegant solution to the truncation is to go through the 2,500 popups and insert a blank line at the end (I can figure a batch process for that); however, breadcrumbs on a popup make no sense: the path is always "Home".


      Does anyone have an idea on how to kill off breadcrumbs appearing on popups while leaving breadcrumbs alone on the regular topics? I could probably figure out how to cleanse them in the compiled project, but that is also inelegant...and a chore that would have to be repeated every time the project is output.


      Any direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!