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    startState/exitState function to require creationComplete to fire??

    EWN-CMI Level 1

      I need some help getting a State to essentially reset as if it was loading for the first time, where creationComplete will execute each time. The state is like a results view of queries and criteria on other states.  I would like to have the Back button (which just changes states) allow the change of queries/criteria and then when the state in question is traversed to the creationComplete event does not fire.  I am passing data to the state, so I was thinking that exitState may be the best place to "reset" it.  If it is easier to add/remove the child component then that may work too, but I also don't know how to do that yet.  The state needed refreshed has a large complex component from a different namespace on it, and I am hoping that every component/function/variables in the state would also be reset.  I have tried executeBindings(true);  invalidateDisplayList(); validateNow();  on enter and exit, but they are not working as I thought they might.  All help is appreciated.    Thanks.