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    Updated Illustrator file is ignoring new Layers & content

    Sasha Agafonoff

      I've been trying to create a new Flash Catalyst CS5 project based on on an Illustrator CS5 file that I have previously used for a Flash Catalyst project.  However, I've added new layers as well as new objects to existing layers.  On import (into a totally new project), Flash Catalyst is completely ignoring the new layers and objects, but it is updating the changes that have been made to the objects it knew about in the previous project with this Illustrator file...


      Anyone come across this before?  Any suggestions for a workaround?  I've tried restarting Flash Catalyst, resaving the Illustrator file, creating a new unrelated Flash Catalyst file, but with no result.  I'll try a reboot and failing that, see if I can locate what passes for temporary files for Flash Catalyst... and get busy with the delete button.