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    IBM ILog Elixir 2.5 and Flash Builder 4

    Stormgully Level 1

      Hello... I was hoping to get some help here. We just purchased the IBM ILog Elixir 2.5 product for use with Flash Builder 4 IDE and 4.0 SDK.


      The IBM website claims the its "Intergrated with Adobe Flash Builder 4 IDE" and the "Platforms Supported" are "Flex 4.0 SDK or later".




      Even the Adobe site claims that "IBM ILOG Elixir is tightly integrated with Adobe Flash Builder™ 4 software"




      This product has been misrepresented on both websites.


      I can wait until 3.0 comes out but I really don't want to pay to upgrade as we purchased this product based on some product reviews and the sellers / developers claims which clearly state support for the 4.0 SDK on the website.


      I've contacted both support departments and spent the better part of two hours getting passed from department to department.


      The complier warnings that are generated are after dropping an Elixir component onto the stage all look like this:


      Type OLAPChart in CSS selector OLAPChart must bequalified with a namespace


      I found a blog posting where someone said you can set the -compatibility-version=3.0.0 compiler arguement or compile your app using the 3.2 - 3.5 SDKs. Thoes options are not even close to viable for a multitude of reasons. Has anyone had any luck intergrating Elixir 2.5 components into a flash builder 4 app using the flex 4 SDK?



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