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    One difference between AE7 and CS3

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      I have AE7 at work and CS3 at home (both Macs and both dual monitor) and I found a funny "deficiency" in the GUI of the latter.  In AE7, there are certain panels that come to the front of all others when they are selected.  So - even though the Project panel is separate from and covered by the Timeline panel - clicking on the Project panel will bring it to the front - until I click on the Timeline again.


      In AE CS3 this is not the case.  The Timeline remains stubbornly in front of all the other panels - Project, Composition, Effects - that I normally have separate and available on the screen.  This is annoying.


      This can't be intentional because it's really dumb.  So I'm hoping there is a preference or setting somewhere I can use to fix this.

      I hope someone can clue me in to where it is.


      TIA your input.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          The whole unified interface is designed for a different approach.  Why not combine your timeline and other pallets into one interface window in CS3?

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            jl2000 Level 1

            Andrew -


            It's just my preference - maybe a habit held over from 6.5.  If the timeline completely disappears when I select the Project panel - I lose my place.  It also makes it hard to drag something from the Project panel to the Timeline... or from the Effect panel to the Timeline.  I'm querky that way.  I'd rather things stay where they are and just switch "prominence" rather than disappear.


            So - NOT giving the selected palette screen prominance IS an advanced feature?


            Again I say - that can't be intentional.  Can it??