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    handling 'Exception Event Catch' from invokeDDX


      I have a long-lived process that uses the invokeDDX service.


      The invokeDDX has a primary route that connects it to a setValue/execute service under normal circumstances.


      I want to now draw another route from the "Exception Catch" of the invokeDDX service icon's bottom-right corner. This new route will be connected to another service operation.


      I have not done this before and I don't see much in the way of documented examples of handling an exception. It looks like invokeDDX throws a com.adobe.livecycle.assembler.client.OperationException.


      What service should I route this exception to? I am considering another setValue/execute. I would like to examine details of the exception , for example: if one of the multiple PDF data inputs in the source list is a bad PDF, then I would like to get the index of the (source) array list that indicates which PDF in the list is bad. Ideally I would like to return a "document" that is the output for this process and this "document" would contain some information about the exception that was caught.


      Right now, without this exception handling, my process stalls at the invokeDDX operation step. So I am trying to build some exception handling and would appreciate any help.


      Thanks in advance.


      I have already looked at these documents, but they don't go far enough into the details of handing an Assembler invokeDDX Operation Exception.