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    Sure could use some Collective Help w/ DWCS5


      Hey everyone,


      I posted on here a few days ago about my CS5 in 30 Days project. In case you missed it I'm embarking on a journey to learn build a site and incorporate as many of the CS5 Applications as possible during just the length of the trial software (30 Days).


      So, Im here to ask for help with DW. I've done some planning and managed to get connected to my remote server, but now the fun starts. Creating and publishing content. This is also one of the most complex aspect of DW to wrap your mind around for a beginner. I need the help and comments of experienced DW users and the curiosity of beginners to help me on this journey.


      Many minds make light work! So please come and follow along and let me know what you think so far!




      Later Gater