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    FLVs won't play from CD on XP

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      Hi -


      I have a Flash CS3/AS2 project containing swfs with FLVs.  When I Publish the "START.fla" which pulls all the files together, I tell Flash to create a "Projector" for Mac and an "EXE" for Windows. On my (OS X) desktop this Projector thing works perfectly...swfs open from a menu in my GUI, the swfs reference flvs and the flvs play.  The swfs are in the same folder as their flvs.


      If I put this whole folder full of files over to the WinXP box (via shared folder), double click on the EXE - no flvs will appear.  Everything "leading up to" an flv works - but where there should be a video there is none.


      Moving on I burn the project onto a CD.  When I open the CD on the Mac and find the Projector - I double click and it still works great. Everything flawless.


      I put that same CD into the WinXP (SP3) box, find the EXE and double click.  As I expected - no improvement, the GUI opens,the swfs can be launched from the menu, but no flvs appear.  I get the swf that references the flv - but no flv. I even waited extra time thinking it would eventually happen.  No.


      Can anyone give me an idea why it should work on Mac and not on XP?  Where should I look for the glitch?


      TIA some expertise.


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          For those lost souls who found themselves on my path...


          As far as why disc didn't work on XP.

          When using Toast 9 (Mac) to burn CDs/DVDs -

          -use Data / Mac & PC. (not UDF)


          Then use Toast's own way of writing .inf files and including icons.  No other app is required. everything is inside Toast under "More".

          Also - files can be hidden from opposing platforms.  Very handy.