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    website shifting


      im sure there is some incredibly simple way to fix this, but since i dont know how to google this problem, figured i'd ask for help.


      anytime i make a website that goes past the monitor, the whole site shifts over to the left. its not much of a shift, just three to five pixels. always seems to happen regardless of how many sites i make. usually i let it be, but since im using a collapsible spry, when it opens, it goes below the moniter and shifts in an obvious way. rather unprofessional looking. so...is there some way to get this to stop happening?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It actually shifts more pixels than that beacuse it moves over to make room for the scroll bar when the page is longer than the browser window.


          There are several different css fixes for this. Here is a couple (and there is more):


          html {
          min-height: 101%;




          html {
          overflow-y: scroll;


          Either works fine. But as I mentione there is plenty of other css fixes for it if you google the right phrase ;-)


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            fribee83 Level 1

            rawr, i KNEW it was a stupid thing i was over looking. thanks so much.