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    HTTPService.headers doesn't work with latest Player


      Or maybe I'm messing something up, but I can't get any headers I set to transmit in a web app, but the same code works fine in an Air app.


      These bugs suggests that it hasn't worked for the last 3 years:




      (I confirmed the presence [or absence] of headers using both Fiddler, and FlashBuilder 4's 'Network Monitor').


      I've also seen several unanswered posts in the forum here asking similar questions, but no answers.


      In FP-209, there is a comment:


      I ran into this issue today. Spoke with various people in my Flex community and no one could understand why this was an issue. Some people pointed to the security issue note referenced here http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403030.html, but the "Authorization" header was allowed again after 9.0.124.



      Can someone in the know confirm that these bugs are supposedly avoidable with later Flash Player versions, because it's still failing for me in latest player version.


      If you're struggling with same issue, please do vote for this bug to get fixed: