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    Burning multiple DVDs


      I have just finished a 24 minute DVD and need 34 copies! Is it better to burn the DVD and make all the copies at that time? OR save it to a file and then copy/burn to DVDs?


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          nealeh Level 5

          I'd definitely go with the "burn to folder option" and then use something like Nero or ImgBurn to burn it. I've never tried it myself but, if you have more than one burner, I recall Nero having the ability to burn to multiple drives at the same time.


          I'd also recommend that you burn no faster than 4x. Some DVD players choke if fed a disc recorded at, say, 16x.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Neale. If one has two burners, ImgBurn can do the disc to disc copy directly, but if you only have one burner, the program will need to first copy over the source DVD anyway, and then burn from that. If you Burn to Folder, that is what ImgBurn will use - different choice of mode in ImgBurn, but that is the only difference. Nero, Roxio and GearVideo will all do the same for you, though the exact control will likely differ.


            ImgBurn can also have several instances of it running on a powerful machine, so that one could actually use multiple drives with it too, but just from separate, multiple instances. Only problem that I have heard of was with underpowered machines not being able to handle two instances at once.


            I also agree with the 4x burn speed, which is something that one cannot directly set in PrE, and would also recommend Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden blank media. I would strongly recommend against Memorex, TDK, recent Ritek, and ALL store-brands of blank media. This ARTICLE will give you a bit of background.


            Good luck,



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              sueschus Level 1

              Thank you Neale and Hunt! I do have two burners and Nero! And a weekend to figure it out. I will save the video to a file and then go into Nero. I understand not using store-brand DVDs, but have Memorex (printable) and have used them before. Will see what happens. Appreciate the prompt replies.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                It has been so very long ago, that I last used Nero for something like this, so cannot comment. For many, it works well, and there should be a multi-burner options somewhere.


                As for the brand of blank media, the problem with Memorex is that they adopted a business model, where they buy the absolute cheapest media and then just relabel it. Once, they were a respected producer of media (before the CD/DVD days - talking magnetic tape here), but now produce zero. In a 100 disc spindle, users have found up to 5 different real brands of media. Think that Nero has a utility to determine the actual brand of blank media. ImgBurn does, but I think that Nero's might be even better. Check to see what the real brands are and the lot numbers. With the spindle, one might get some good discs and then a bunch of bad ones - all in the same spindle.


                This ARTICLE will give you a little more background on playability issues.


                Good luck and happy burning!



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                  sueschus Level 1

                  I had Memorex DVDs so used them. Will go with Verbatim in the future. I used Nero Express as it was simple to use. Burned all 37 copies without a problem. I've randomly checked several and they work ... at this moment in time.  I have had good and bad discs on a single spindle before - now I understand why. Thanks for your help and suggestions. 


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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Glad that you have gotten the Project burned. That was some operation. I had a 17 DVD set, that needed 4 copies of each, but that has been my largest burn to date.


                    Hope that all goes well for your recipients. Remember, no set-top player is required to play ANY burned DVD, by their specs. even if one uses the best possible media and a slow burn. Most do fine, but some just will not. We have no control over our clients' equipment, so one never really knows.


                    Also, the type of media, -R vs +R, seems to make much less difference nowadays, but some older players will only handle one, or the other. Again, no guarantees out there in "client-land." We burn, as well as is possible, and X our fingers.


                    Good luck, and hope that all copies play perfectly for all.



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                      sueschus Level 1

                      The burning took about 2+ hours. Then I printed the discs - another 2+ hours (Epson R1800). This is a 26 minute video for my grandson's kindergarten class of their 'concert' and photos from a field trip. My daughter-in-law filmed with a camcorder, but I used my Nikon D5000 which worked surprisingly well. I also added each child's name to the disc design so I had to change the name on each before printing. Yes, just a little time consuming. But the discs LOOK great! Hopefully they will work great on whatever equipment the kids' have at home. As you say one can only X our fingers. Besides this is a gift to the class. Never look a gift-grandmother in the mouth.


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I feel for you, as I use the Epson DVD-printing software too, on an R-1900. At least the disc feed is much better on that unit, than on my previous Epsons. the software is limited, and I have taken to doing most of my artwork in PS, and then just the tweaks (students' names in your case) in it. Wish that Epson's software could import PSD's, but maybe a later version will?


                        Good luck, and wait for that Grandmother of the Year trophy!