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    Changing transition effects at runtime

      I want to allow users to change the effect used on transtions on a
      presentation app I'm building. I have a set of effects defined and
      then use a switch statement to select between each effect. The problem
      is that the switch of effect is only applied once and application
      restart (in a standalone projector) is required to apply a different

      What can I do to switch between effects used in a transition without
      an application restart?

      flex sdk 2.01
      Code sample
      case 1:
      chosenEffect.effect = slowZoom;

      case 2:
      chosenEffect.effect = myMove;

      myTran.effect = chosenEffect.effect;
      myTranback.effect = chosenEffect.effect;
      // I want flexibility about which state changes the effects apply to ;

      myTran.fromState = "*";
      myTran.toState = "*";

      myTranback.fromState = "state2";
      myTranback.toState = "state1";


      transition.initialize; // transition is the id of the canvas component
      with many children that I want the effect applied to