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    PrE8 Will not uninstall/reinstall

    CandyCLC Level 1

      I put in a new drive and formatted the partition PE was on (trying to reduce partitions and add physical drives), failed to uninstall programs thinking they would just reinstall over into the new drive.  Every time I run the installer, it says I am trying to run from a CD (I guess the drive letter that it used to use is now a potential CD drive and it's looking for the uninstaller).  I've been trying to remove all registry entries, but I think I have 1000 more to go.  There must be a cleanup utility?  Can you help, I need to continue some editing work.  This is the only program that I think is beyond my ability to fix as I removed others and reinstalled and have been losing sleep trying to get this up and running.  I will be fine putting it right in C but it wants to use J since that was where it was installed. Thanks.