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    3D Chart in Flex (X, Y & Z Axis)

    Tejas S Patel

      Dear All,


      I am working on Flex charting stuff.

      I have to present many charts in 3D view (X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis).

      I read and searched about flex charting but didn't get anything about chart presentation in 3 axis plan.

      Please help me by your thought OR idea about this.


      Thank you.


      Tejas Patel.

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          Tejas S Patel Level 1

          I got and tried this lines of code but not executed successfully.

          What I had mistake here OR what missing?



          <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" xmlns:fc="http://www.adobe.com/2006/fc width="600" height="600" >

            [Bindable] public var place:Array = [
          {country: "India", north: 85, west: 25, east:40},
          {country: "USA", north: 53, west: 40, east:25},
          {country: "UK", north: 45, west: 32, east:45},
          {country: "Japan", north: 60, west: 25, east:39}



                   @font-face{ src: url("assets/verdana.ttf"); fontFamily: myFont; }
                   Column3DChart { fontFamily: myFont; fontSize: 10; }


          <fc:Column3DChart id="my3dchart" type="clustered" angleX="30" angleY="30" height="100%" width="100%" >

                    <mx:CategoryAxis dataProvider="{place}" categoryField="country" />


                    <mx:LinearAxis minimum="0" maximum="70"/>




                      <fc:Column3DSeries dataProvider="{place}" yField="north" displayName="North">


                              <mx:SolidColor color="#EEEE00"/>
                      <fc:Column3DSeries  dataProvider="{place}" yField="west" displayName="West">
                              <mx:SolidColor color="#CCCCFF"/>
                      <fc:Column3DSeries  dataProvider="{place}" yField="east" displayName="East">
                              <mx:SolidColor color="#CC9900"/>

          <mx:Legend dataProvider="{my3dchart}"/>


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            BugsBn Level 1

            can someone plz tell me how to access the 3D chart component if there is one.

            i've searched for them in the visualization package but could not find it.

            only found it in some commercial packages.

            i've searched the forum and found below post referencing <fc:Column3DChart> - where is it?


            can someone from adobe inform if/when 3D charting is available.