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    Cannot read ID3 tags from EXE

    Edgar Parada

      While testing the code below from de SWF file it works fine, but the problem is when you try to do the same in the Flash Projector (EXE), it doesn't work, can't read de ID3 tags. Any suggestions would be apreciated by the way the restrictions of the project are to use AS2.0 and a Projector file.

      Code :

      var mySound:Sound;
      var txtAlbum:TextField;
      var txtArtist:TextField;

      mySound = new Sound();
      mySound.loadSound("audio.mp3", true);

      mySound.onID3 = function():Void{
      txtAlbum.text = mySound.id3.TALB;
      txtArtist.text = mySound.id3.TPE1;

      Regards, Edgar Parada