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    Buddy menu

    Jhon Carlo Level 1





      I’ve download Buddy menu for director.

      But I don’t understand how can I do to insert a behavior. What is the method?



      There is 'a way to install the menu' "buddy" in the position where the menu is normally installed with the statement "installMenu member ..."?

      It is possible to introduce more instructions in the traditional menu of directors? In other words can you have several script after the sign: | in field of the menu?





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          Mike Blaustein

          You might try looking through the documentation that comes with it, since all of your questions are answered therein.  You can place the popup menu anywhere you want (including the top left [point 0,0] where installMenu goes) using the bmMenuAt command.  You can have any menu item do any number of things.  It is all discussed quite completely in the docs.  There are even examples.

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            Jhon Carlo Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.
            I had already read the documentation, which certainly for my incompetence is not clear.

            For example for the position of the menu the documentation tell:
            "BmMenuAt list Items, Flags integer, integer X,  integer Y"
            Wishing to place the menu in the top  left, where I have to put the numbers 0? after x? Instead of x? in both cases does not  work.
            Similarly it is unclear to me how to put  the script in the menu' because there is not an example  of contextualization of the script.

            Could someone  do this?


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              Mike Blaustein Level 4

              Make a sprite where you would want the menu to go.  Like where the "File" dropdown would be.  Put this script on it


              on mouseUp me

              put bmMenuAt(["first","second"],0,0,0)



              And press Play then watch the message window when you click the sprite.  The second zero is the X coordinate. and the third is the Y.

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                Jhon Carlo Level 1

                Thank you,

                this work perfecly,


                but how can I do for insert a behavior?


                Many Many thanks ...............

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                  Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

                  Please, stick to one place at a time! Or at least one thread, instead of posting all over creation.

                  on mouseUp me
                    sSelected = bmMenuAt(["first","second"],0,0,0)
                    case sSelected of
                      "first":   alert "You chose 'first'"
                      "second":  alert "You chose 'second'"
                    end case
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                    Jhon Carlo Level 1

                    Thanks Sean for your help, now all is very much clear.


                    I'm sorry for my other post, I was very impatient.


                    Thanks again