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    AVCHD in Ae CS5 is a sad joke.

    mr kclein

      Ok! AVCHD footage is playing perfectly in Premiere cs5 due to  Mercury.


      But no Mercury in AE C5 makes scrubbing the CTI such a difficult  task!


      And don't think my 8 core workstation is to blame.


      The  strange thing is that RAM preview is reeealy fast! (at last 64bit!  )


      So  whats the point if after editing in Premier I have to render out to  some other more AE friendly format instead of using my Pr project in Ae.


      Even if only wanted to do some compositing in AE I would have to  use something like Cineform compression before importing in AE....


      This  is so sad Adobe...

      We waited a lot of years since the first  64bit processors for Ae to finaly catch up.

      Are we gonna wait some  more for decent AVCHD performance in Ae?

      The Mercury playback  could be the end of the time and space wasting workflows like  cineform/prores.

      But only if it existed in AE!

      Whats the  advantage of a  tapeless workflow for AE cs5 user working cameras like  Sony NX5 or AX 2000 if we get stuck with files that need to be

      rendered  with a different codec in order to be usable?

      Is there an  alternative workflow that I am inaware of ?

      I have to admit I love Ae but some things are so disappointing I am  starting to think seriously about alternatives...

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Could you please clarify the problem? Is it just that you can't scrub through the composition in real time when you're using this kind of footage, or is something wrong with the images, previews, or final rendered output?

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            mr kclein Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response.

            The composition has only one layer ( of .mts 1920x1080 24p, 210MB, 1  minute long) and no effect. Just pure raw footage.
            It's when scrubbing through the footage in realtime that the CTI feels  really heavy as if you're dealing with a very heavy composition with  lots of effects.

            Even if use the "quarter" resolution/downsample factor button it still feels heavy.
            When I render this same footage in to a tga sequence (no rle  compression=10.9GB) I can see a huge difference.
            Although the sequence takes so much space scrubbing through is very fast  and responsive even with "full" resolution button on.

            I have tried all the options of "Fast Preview" but the is no difference.

            If you need any more info please let me know!

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              After Effects isn't a real-time program, like an NLE.You shouldn't expect scrubbing to be smooth in After Effects; it's just not what After Effects does. It's not what any compositing and visual effects program does.


              AVCHD is a long-GOP format (i.e., to decode each frame,After Effects has to get information from multiple surrounding frames). Playing these back therefore takes more time than is the case for formats that contain all of the information for a frame within that one frame.


              After Effects CS5 has made a lot of performance improvements, but they mostly affect RAM previews and rendering to final output, which are the two features that can take advantage of Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously mutliprocessing.


              There are a lot of tips for getting After Effects to work faster for various purposes here: "Improve performance"