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    How do I stop my Cursor from being stuck on the Hand tool icon?

    Xaxis71 Level 1

      I have Illustrator 10 (Yes, I'm aware it's old, but I can't afford to buy the newest version, as much as I want it) and Photoshop Elements 1(Again, I know it's old, but I do have 7, but it sucks, because when I go to scale pictures down, there is no option of pixels, just inches, points, and everything but pixels, and I only use pixels, so I only use PSE1), and they both started getting the hand icon as the cursor, no matter what tool I selected.


      One time I had Illustrator open, it was fine, left it for awhile, came back, and it was last on the Direct Selection Tool, and it was now showing the hand icon. I would reset the computer and it would be fine, thinking memory is the issue, but it just happened again. I had rebooted my computer(just on an unrelated thing), and decided I'd work on one of my cartoon characters and I loaded it up, and the picture, and voila! The hand icon was showing right off the bat, and I didn't want to reboot again.


      Is there something I can do? Seems like these Adobe programs are going "hand" on me. I just am very frustrated, as I never had so much as no trouble with these programs(I had I10 for a long time), and now they go wonky on me. It first started with PSE1, but only once, and I thought it was just a random glitch, nothing to worry about, since it never happened again....til it did much, much later.