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    Stacked column chart from XML data source

      I have an XML file, which lists elements with three attributes: date, inactive-interval, user-count.

      I need to build a stacked column chart with a single column for each distinct date, one stack for each distinct inactive-interval for that date, and the height of the stack equal to the user-count.

      I can define ColumnSeries with yField="user-count" xField="date", but I don't know how to partition the column into stacks by inactive-interval values.

      Here is a sample data set:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
      <snapshot date="01/01/2007" inactive-interval="0" user-count="3"/>
      <snapshot date="01/01/2007" inactive-interval="7" user-count="2"/>
      <snapshot date="01/01/2007" inactive-interval="30" user-count="4"/>
      <snapshot date="01/02/2007" inactive-interval="0" user-count="4"/>
      <snapshot date="01/02/2007" inactive-interval="7" user-count="2"/>
      <snapshot date="01/02/2007" inactive-interval="30" user-count="3"/>