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    How to disable Ctrl + P?


      Dear folks,


      I'm working on a content that needs to be not copied, printed or reproduced in other places. It's a hard task, I know, but the basic idea is simply to make that actions more difficult.


      I tested the code bellow and it worked OK for disable print screen. But, to avoid the print shortcut, I don't know exactly what to do after catch the "Ctrl + P" key pressing:


      this.onEnterFrame = function (){
           if (Key.isDown(44)) {
                trace ("Print Screen not allowed!");
                System.setClipboard(""); // the clipboard is empty again
          if (Key.isDown(17) && Key.isDown(80)) {
                      trace ("Ctrl + P triggered");
                //some code needed here...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated....

      Thanks in advance!