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    highlighting stopped working in Acrobar Reader


      I get following error when I open the documnet in Acrobar Reader 9.0.

      "this document enabled extended features in adobe reader. the document  has been changed since it was created and use of extended feature no  longer available"


      I am trying to have the facility of highlighting available in Acrobar Reader.  I am enabling this feature as follows.

      Using Adobe Acrobat 

      1) I enabled "Comments -> Enable for commenting....."

      2) I saved the PDF again.

      3) I did "Tools -> Advanced Editing -> Select Object Tool"

      4) I saved the PDF again.


      From within Adobe Acrobat, "File->Document properties-> Security-> Commenting"  shows  Allowed.

      but inside Adobe Reader, "File->Document properties-> Security-> Commenting"  shows   Not Allowed


      Interestingly, the very first time, I was able to hightlight using Adobe Reader and saved it too. After that attempt, nothing works, means for every PDF document I get same error, including those documents that I did not save using Acrobat Reader. I uninstalled Adobe Reader; manually cleaned all folders( because uinstall did not;) then reinstalled Acrobat Reader and problem continues.



      Please let me know how to solve this or is this behaviour by design.