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    How Can I Play Large Local Sounds Without a 10-sec Lockup


      I'm using Flex 3, and trying to play large local sounds (15-20 MB mp3's...about an hour long) from the hard drive, and eventually from a CD.


      I've tried all the standard play techniques shown in all the tutorials I can find, but the result is always the same....


      I get slightly different behaviors in the Flex debugger versus the release build (but the external appearance is the same). In both cases, when I click on the button to play a sound for the first time, the entire system locks up for about 10 seconds while the sound is loaded. After a sound has played, when i click on the button to play it again there is no lockup and the sound starts immediately.  So I'm assuming the loading is killing the system, and after the initial load it's cached so there is no 'load lockup'.


      The difference between the Flex environment and the release build/projector is that in the Flex environment the 10-sec delay/lockup happens between the load command and the beginning of the load process (as per a trace in the event listener), and then the load process is nearly instant.  Whereas in the release/projector, there is hardly any delay between the load command and the beginning of the load process, but then the load process takes about 10 seconds, during which the system is locked.


      When I say the system is locked, I mean that the progress bar won't update, and even the mouseovers on the buttons don't work.


      When I point the exact same code at a file on a remote server, it streams, so it starts right away and the progress bar and mouseover states work.


      QUESTION: Is there a way to 'stream' an audio file from a local storage location?


      If not, is there a way to overcome this 'load lockup' phenomenon, so at least i can show a progress bar?