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    changes to CC Particle World interface


      I know this may be a bad place to post this question, as it's about a non-Adobe part of After Effects, but I've been to the Cycore website and it seems their documentation is still only available for the previous release of Cycore FX.


      I've just upgraded to After Effects CS5 and noticed that the interface for CC Particle World is different. There used to be an Options dialogue box that could be opened by clicking the word Options at the top of the Effects panel, and now that seems to have disappeared.


      I'm not sure if I'm just being blind, but does anyone know how to Force Motion Blur in CC Particle World now? Or does anyone know how to get access to updated help/reference materials for Cycore FX 1.7?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Those options are now in the main interface in teh respective groups. Motion blur must not be toggled manually anymore, sine the plug-in will automatically respect the motion blur layer switch and act accordingly, so that option is gone. And don't worry, the plug-ins have been part of AE for so long now, it's probably safe to say they are Adobe's responsibility on some level .



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            vco_se11 Level 1

            Wow, thank you for the remarkably quick response! That was exactly what I needed to know.


            I put the motion blur on at comp/layer level and you're right, it pretty much works as it would have from the options box before.


            Thank you again -- I really appreciate your reply.