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    How do I add a Related Link to a page?


      I tried asking this on the Spry forum, but the only answer I got was from someone who never used Dreamweaver, so I'll try here...


      I have 5 main pages on my  site.   When I bring up four of them in Dreamweaver, all the related  files show up in the Related Files Bar, and the SpryMenuBar.js is one of them.


      But in the fith main page, there is no SpryMenuBar.js showing up in the Related Files Bar.   As a result the submenu additions I just made to my Spry Horizonatal  Menu is not working properly. (At least this is the assumption I have  made from reading a previous forum topic that had the same problem.  And  my other 4 pages DO have the SpryMenuBar.js as a related  file and the submenu changes worked wonderfully.  Obviously the  SpryMenuBar.js is on my webserver or the other four pages wouldn't work,  right?)


      So what I am trying to do is get the SpryMenuBar.js to show up as a related file whenever I open this  particular page. (Page 5)


      So the main question is: how do I add a file to  the Related Files Bar? (SpryMenuBar.js)


      Do  I open this 5th page (that is missing the SpryMenyBar.js) and then go  to the File menu and hit "open"?  I thought that was for  opening new pages not related to the one you are  working on.


      As a newbee I need step by step  directions....


      Have I made my question clear?  Or just  muddied the water?