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    Editing Text Caption Properties

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      If you have multiple text caption boxes on a slide is there a way to edit the properties of the all the Text captions at the same time???

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          This is one of the new features in CP5, but that doesn't help you for the moment.


          Some properties can be changed for a selection of captions: size of the caption, using the Align menu, you have Resize to same size (and that works well). The first selected object (with the white handles) will be the 'model' to resize.


          If you want to change fonts and/or their attributes it is a bit trickier. You can try to Apply changed properties to all the captions of the slide, but this is not always functioning totally. Just tried it to 4 captions on one slide: font and size was changed for all, but not the color. It is worth trying however.



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            Thanks - thought that would be the case, but had to ask!  Very frustrating!