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    getho Level 1

      Am I doing something wrong:  I have a 720p project with 2 issues    

      1) exporting is very slow its a 10 min sequence taking 50 mins in wmv, single pass, about 40 mins in h.264

      2) the quicktime renders are very flat, lacking in contrast,  (actually te h.264 looks flat in quicktime, and the same file looks fine in media player.  Any idea whats going on there?


      The project is 1080p scaled on the timeline to 720p, there are a few titles and what not (10 video tracks but only 3 or 4 are used at one time)


      computer is a i7 920 with 12gb ram, CS5, windows 7 64, ssd system drive, video currently living on 10000rpm drive (and its rendering to the same drive)



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          1. Encode times depend very much on resolution, bitrate and MRQ settings, so without those details it is hard to say whether this is long or not.


          2. There is a reason the program is called QuiRcktime. It seems Apple just can't produce a good working version for PC.

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            getho Level 1

            this time I encoded using the media encoder so I can see where its struggling: doing a pan and zoom on a high res image is taking a loong time 1 frame every 2 seconds or so.  So that must be what the problem was, I wonder why its so hard (maybe its rescaling the 8mp full frame for each frame, rather than working out where the window is and just scaling that portion?)


            The previous export failed - when I had it switched to "use previews".  It failed at a point on the timeline where I had some footage running backwards. With "use previews" off its made it past that point.

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              getho Level 1

              Hmm, and theres a new problem: the sync is out in quicktime (image a few frames before sound).


              The same mov plays in-sync in VLC.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                High res images are better scaled in PS before using them in PR. If they are not reduced in size to slightly larger than your output dimensions, to allow for some panning and zooming, they will be enormous resource hogs.