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    New machine, your advice plese.


      I have been reading this form for a while and I have to say, everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. It is very impressive. Harm I read your articles they are very informative and some went over my head due my lack of spending more time reading in a post such as this that has too many helpful solutions. I will spent more time here to learn and I am sorry I may not be able to contribute much I will try though.I enjoyed your wicked since of humor and logical explanation for things. many thank. I have been using CS4 with matrox RTX2 and now with the release of CS5 I am building a new machine rather then upgrding as I have had nothing but greif for over a year now withvery unstable machine. I would have taken your advice that I saw in a post that the car is better used fro a door stopbut i have to buy an upgrade to CS5 so ebay it is.. this what I have so far

      Antec 1200 case with 850 pwer suuply

      P6t MB with I7 930 CPU

      12 GB DDR 3 Ram

      BFG GTX 285 Nividia card

      Rapor 300 GB for OS win 7 ultimate 64


      here are my drives that I need some advice with. This is how  I was going to set them up.


      set up one

      Rapor 300 GB for OS win 7 ultimate 64

      3x WD black caviar se 16 500 GB as software raid 0

      D: I TB WD res 3 (????????????????)

      E: I TB WD res 3 (storage, music media file etc..


      Set up two

      Rapor 300 GB for OS win 7 ultimate 64

      D:  I TB WD res 3

      E:  I TB WD res 3

      F: 500 GB


      do not install the other two drives.


      What is best method and how to use these drives best.

      With the matrox i had the I/O for analog and external monitor.. What do you use or any advice of what to get. Thanks


      I hope I was clear as I am confused and any help or direction will be greatly apprciated..

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I would opt for setup 1.


          Use the 3 x 500 Raid0 for a fixed pagefile of either 8 or 12 GB, media cache, previews and rendered files.


          Use the D drive for projects and exports and the E drive for your media.


          Have a look at the GV/Canopus ADVC110 or the ADVC300 for analog to DV capture and external monitor.

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            Khaisy3 Level 1

            Thank you so very much. step one It is... I will follow all other advice in article and I hope I will have a happy editing finally..

            Thanks again Harm..

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              Khaisy3 Level 1

              Hi Harm,


              I am almost ready to build the machine, I received the MB DOA. I was browsing and I read a post for you advising not to use the WD black for raid. Just wanted to make sure that this is correct. Thanks for your help.

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                shooternz Level 6

                I am just curious...but what source material do you shoot / edit that makes you

                believe a RAID set up is necessary.


                I am aware you had a bad experience with CS4 and your Matrox  Card.


                Oh by the way. My system is basically the same as yours but no Raids and a Quadro FX3800

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  About the WD Caviar Black:


                  The newer WD Caviars are NOT suitable for RAID (Google "WDTLER" -  Western Digital Time Limit Error Recovery).  WD created a utility that  allowed the user to enable the TLER setting (which is necessary for RAID  operation) on the Caviar HDs.  But then they pulled the utility and  permanently set the newer Caviars to have TLER disabled...basically  forcing you to purchase their higher end enterprise drives if you want  to do RAID, or another brand.

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                    Khaisy3 Level 1

                    Harm: Thank you so much very much fro your prompt reply. I appreciated it very much.


                    shooternz: I shoot with canon HA1 and HF S10, AVCHD . I have never used raid before, I have been reading on this form for a while and there so much great info that is barley sinking in. I asked Harm fro advice and he suggested to go with set one for what I have available. I will be building the system this weekend and I came across a post about WD black drive not suitable for raid. the 3 drives listed above are WD black caviar SE. and i just wanted to clarify this before I do it. I am planing to sell my other system with the matrox. as it has not been very stable and they do not support AVCHD and i do not want to miss around with conversion. 3 layers is at the most I would use anyway. Thanks fro talking the time to ask. this is form is great and i am not used to so much help.Thank you.

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                      FelixUnderwood Level 2