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    CS5 Hangs When Minimizing or Switching to Another App

    Rover965 Level 1

      If I minimize Premiere or switch to another app (or even if I use the encoder queue, which opens another window and takes the focus off the Premiere app and puts it on the encoder app), Premiere hangs.  First it has the Windows 7 "working" circle, then if you click anywhere it turns the Premiere screen white and says Not Responding.  The other windows on my second monitor (like Project, Audio Mixer, etc.) stay normal looking until you click on them, then they become white as well.


      There's a ton of disk activity when this happens.


      Not sure, but it could be related to something else I'm seeing: Premiere tries to rebuild peak files and reloads all MXF (P2) media each time project loads, which takes forever.  It's almost like it starts to do it again in the background when the app loses focus.  I've tried all the remedies I could find in the forums to fix the rebuilding of peak files, no luck.


      Note that I've made some smaller test projects, and they don't seem as affected - still slow when switching back, but don't completely hang.


      This is on a large, 1-hour broadcast project with tons of source clips.  I'm trying to export 9 segments for the broadcast master, which has become excruciatingly painful to do...first I have to load the project, then wait 10 minutes for the 3,500 clips to load, then export the segment (which immediately hangs Premiere once the Encoder window takes over).  Am having to do that for each segment...you get the picture.


      I saw another post from a guy saying he gets degraded playback performance when switching back to Premiere after going to another app...perhaps related? Perhaps not.  Dunno.


      Win7 64

      i7 Extreme

      12 GB RAM

      Quadro 4800


      Would love any suggestions...